Tuesday, May 22, 2012

White Guy With Guitar For The Win!

We're jumping right in tonight , folks. Bebica is up first singing "I Have Nothing" by Whitney Houston, which was selected by Simon Fuller. So it's a predictable, boring ballad, as per usual. The notes were all great, but it was just boring and didn't get me up off the couch. The judges will tell us what they thought after Round 1 is completed. Oh shoot. I'm watching live. That means I have to watch commercials. Blech. Phillip is going to sing "Stand By Me" by Ben E. King. Most people will not enjoy this. Like my husband. I, however, love it. I love that he's changed it just enough to make it original, but kept it close to the melody in parts so it is still recognizable. The judges say Bebica and Phillip are opposites of each other. Well, yes, when you consider that one is good and one is not. One is original and one is karaoke. One is a musician the other is a copycat. But other than that they're completely the same. The judges also say Bebica won Round 1. Incorrect. Jason DeRulo's song that everyone in America helped him write because he can't write his own songs is premiering tonight. I'm good. Bebica is singing "The Prayer" which is her favorite performance of the season. Shocking. It's a ballad. There were nice notes, but still....YAWN. Phillip is singing "Movin' out" by Billy Joel. He is also singing with his friend the Sax Player Lady. I loved this performance when he did it the first time, and I love it now. The judges can't decide who won that round. Phillip. Phillip won that round. Because he didn't sing the same thing he sings all. the. time. Bebica is singing a song called "Change Nothing" which is what she will release if she wins. SHOCKER. It's a ballad-esque song. Randy Yo Dawg: "I didn't like the song, but you brought the song to life, but the song was just ok." Me: "Ok, so her performance was just ok then. If the song was bad, but she brought it to life, but you still thought the song was bad, then it was bad." Jenny from the Block: "That song was a pop ballad, and I wouldn't have said that should be your first single." Me: "What? She only sings pop ballads." Steven Tyler: "I know how good you sing. The song was poop." That's basically what he said. Bebica agrees with them that the song was poop but she wanted to pick a song that showcased her voice but if she ever makes a record she won't do songs like that one. Huh? She has no idea what she wants to sing. She always sings songs like that. Apparently we're going to try The Ricki Lake show again. That seems unneccessary. Phillip is singing a song called "Home." And it's great. The drumline is awesome. The song is awesome. It's right up his alley. He chose correctly. He also just won American Idol. Randy Yo Dawg: "I loved everything about it. Mumford and Sons." Jenny from the Block: "I couldn't think of anyone it sounded like, because I don't listen to real music." Steven Tyler: "You have made this place your home. I heard Paul Simon." So apparently, Jenny from the Block just wasn't listening. So there you go. That was quick and easy, unlike what the finale undoubtedly will be. Bebica should not be in this finale. Phillip should win.

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