Thursday, May 17, 2012


Top 3 results. The top 3 sang “Got to Get You Into My Life.” It was strange. Joshua and Bebica did a weird Ford commercial. Turns out Phillip is not in the commercials because he has to have dialysis. Yikes. Jimmy says Joshua’s first song last night was great and he’s the best showman of the remaining contestants. Jimmy says “Imagine” is a beautiful song but the wrong song for Joshua last night. Jimmy says “No More Drama” didn’t have enough melody for Joshua to mess around with. Jimmy picked that song for him, so I don’t know why that’s surprising. But at least Jimmy took responsibility for it. Jimmy says Joshua should 100% be in anyone’s finale. The top 3 and Hollie went and sang a song for the new Ice Age propaganda film that is coming out. Lisa Marie Presley is singing. Random. Apparently she is trapped in some sort of Alice in Wonderland/Jack Sparrow time warp. She also looks like she may be drunk. Or channeling Stevie Nicks. Priscilla Presley was in the audience too. Jimmy says Bebica needed a shock and awe moment in her first song and she didn’t have one. Jimmy says Bebica did not have a great moment in her Aerosmith song either. Jimmy says he didn’t think of the fact that Bebica would have to sing both Jermaine and Michael’s parts on “I’ll Be There.” SWEET! ADAM LAMBERT IS PERFORMING! I’ll be not sitting here, not listening to that travesty to humankind. First we need to hear from the peanut gallery about Donna Summer dying. It was sad. They all agreed. Now….Lamebert. Jimmy thought Phillip's first song was good. Not great, but good. Jimmy thought his second song was a “snoozefest.” And Jimmy thought Phillip won the night with “We’ve Got Tonight.” Here we go. The finale will be…. Bebica and…… Phillip!!!! White guy with a guitar for the win! Phillip will win this. Promise. Joshua is singing “This is a Man’s Man’s Man’s World.” I’m telling you, he is amazing. Chills. Repeated chills.

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